Winter Driving Tips for New Drivers

Spencer Hill


Koleton Miller, Reporter

As the dead of winter is approaching, driving conditions become very poor. According to State Farm insurance teens are ten times more likely to get in a crash in their first year of driving; pair this with the treacherous driving conditions that winter can bring and it can create a dangerous situation.

With over 2500 students, many of which are brand new to driving and never have experienced the trouble that winter can bring. It would be helpful to share tips to these drivers as it will increase the safety of commuting to and from school.

Junior Kara Black said  “drive slow”, a great tip because according to State Farm, every mile per hour a driver is going over the speed limit is increasing their chances of being in an accident.

Especially in the winter it is important remember to go a reasonable speed while driving even if it means going under the speed limit. Safety should be more important than getting to a destination quickly when it comes to winter driving.

Making sure we have a car ready for the winter is also an important concept that new drivers don’t always understand. SafeMotorist shares that  tire pressure needs to be adequate, oil needs to be fresh, heater functional, lights working, and windshield wipers need to be functional. Unbeknownst to many new drivers you also have to keep your gas tank at least half full to prevent a gas line freeze-up. Many people don’t even consider preparing their car for the winter but it is key to becoming a safe winter driver.

Junior Nick Mackay said that driving “slow and cautiously” will make for great winter drivers. Thousands of students could benefit from understanding what it means to be a good winter driver. From driving slow and cautiously to preparing the vehicle for treacherous conditions, an understanding of winter driving is difficult to achieve but is important and will lead to efficient, and most importantly, safe winter drivers.