Students Weigh in on School Size

Caden Randall

Natasha Stansfield, Reporter

One of the most important parts of defining a school is the amount of students attending. This factor changes the entire curriculum of a school and affects the experience the students themselves will have. Notably, the amount of students here reaches nearly three thousand, an enormous amount which completely affects the school itself.

“There’s a lot less teacher-student contact. I mean if a student is really intent on learning they can get their own experience with the teacher if they desire it. But generally people like to hang around in the background and linger in the back of the classroom,” junior Jaedon Johnson said.

The large amount of students really affects the school academically; especially in the amount of students per classes. Often there tends to be differences in the classroom such as the amount of teacher-student contact and how personal the connections become between a teacher and a student.

“Depending on the teacher, like some teachers aren’t very good with big classes and so that makes it kinda hard but others teachers are fantastic with it. So it depends on the teacher,” sophomore Anna Van Noy said.

It not only affects students academically but socially as well. Having a large amount of students creates a different social environment than other schools because of how many things change to accommodate them.

“It’s really nice because it doesn’t matter how many people at this school you meet there is always a thousand more people that you could always talk to,” Johnson said.

There definitely is a lot of people that students can befriend at this school and there is always someone new to meet. However, this can be very daunting for some students and that can be why many would prefer a small school.