Food Drive Helps Local Families and Students

Spencer Hill

Ally White, Reporter

For the past seven years, the counseling center has held an annual food drive. Every year students bring in cans of food to donate to the drive.

“Last year we collected over 11,000 cans,” food drive organizer Mrs. Steab said.

The food goes to Mountain High, where many kids go hungry, but last year enough cans were gathered to open another food pantry at Sunset Junior High.

“So far it’s been Mr. Henriod [who wins],” Steab said.

In addition to giving food to these kids, meal plans are also made with the food. This teaches the kids who the food is donated to, to cook and plan out the usage of their food.

“We do really appreciate all that the students and the community and the teachers do to help us,” Steab said. “We’re just so impressed by the kids just get in and bring stuff.”