A Day in the Life of Sophomore President: Micah Yerman

D.A. Marcyes

D.A. Marcyes, Reporter

As Sophomore President, Micah Yerman has a lot of responsibilities, and not all of them are clear cut duties.

“Davis High School officers are the spokespeople of Davis, even if we aren’t actually saying anything. We represent this wonderful school; our actions can be pushed onto the whole school, so we have to be respectful, kind, and patient to everyone we meet,” Yerman said.

Being a Sophomore Officer requires a lot more than just representing the school, it also takes a lot of time and energy.

“I personally am required to go to 1-2 games per week, some sophomore and some varsity. I also am required to go to one school play, musical, etc per term but I choose to go to more,” Yerman said.

This can be a source of stress during finals and particularly busy weeks, but Micah assures it is all worth it. Being an officer does come with its perks.

“As a sophomore officer I get to plan Sweethearts dance which is way fun,” Yerman said.