Closer Look at Assembly Attendance and Enthusiasm

Closer Look at Assembly Attendance and Enthusiasm

Many people put work and time into the assemblies, but not all the students attend them. Despite most of them being mandatory, the lack of attendance requirement still provides freedom to those who do not want to go.

“I would say at least fifty percent attend,” jewelry teacher Mrs. Combe said.

Some say that the assemblies are not worth going to. The reasons for those who decide not to attend can vary from homework to lack of enthusiasm for the assemblies performed.

“Many times they do not find it interesting, so they just need to make them more interesting,” sophomore McKay W. said.

Many students choose to skip the assembly. These student usually find something of greater interest to do. Often, students do not go to assemblies for reasons as simple as having no one to go with.

“It is because none of my friends do, so I do not go. I think it is mainly because nobody really goes, so nobody really wants to,” sophomore Danny Z. said.

Proposition to make the assemblies more entertaining, and therefore, have a larger attendance are being created constantly. Even students and teachers have a few ideas toward making the assemblies more enjoyable.

“I guess you could just put more jokes in there. I feel like a lot of the assemblies are just people talking about stuff, and it gets boring pretty fast, unless there are things to lighten up the mood,” junior Josh P. said.

Many students do not avoid the assemblies. Those who regularly attend have found that they are generally entertaining and enjoyable. Even the teachers enjoy the work and effort put into the assemblies.

“I think the assemblies are awesome, I liked going myself. So i’m not sure you could do anything else, they are great,” jewelry teacher Mrs. Combe Said.

    The general consensus says that most students do not care if they go or not, but for the students and teachers who do, it is usually an enjoyable event. There are many reasons for students not attending assemblies, but most of those who go, say it is worth every moment.