Drivers Ed Provides Important Skills

Drivers Ed is a course that is required for anybody under the age of 18 in Utah in order to get a license. During the drivers Ed course learning about the ways of the road is essential.

“I would rather do the school year class because then I get to take up a slot with Driver’s Ed,” Driver’s Ed student Wyatt Fresh said.

There are many different options for taking Driver’s Ed. Most Utah high schools offer Driver’s Ed. Private Driver’s Ed opportunities are possible during the summer, or breaks. If none of these options work for someone, they can get approved to take an online Drivers Ed course.

“I learned in Driver’s Ed to save lives,” sophomore Jett Stagg said.

Many driving techniques are taught during the course. People are taught the important ways of the road, that will benefit them and other drivers. Videos are shown that teach someone about the effects of drunk driving on others, along with many other useful videos.