Service Defined: A Look at What it Means to Serve

Spencer Hill

Parly Scott, Reporter

In the world today service is a way to show you care about someone. You can serve in a lot of ways from making cookies and mowing the lawn to complimenting someone and making their day. Bailey Whitaker decided to use her time to serve others. For the past two summers she has gone to Guatemala and Cambodia to help and serve the people that live there. She has worked with the kids and has helped teach them and play with them. She has also done hands on service like putting in stoves and cement into some of the local villagers’ homes.

            “I really learned how they lived their lives. It’s honestly changed who I am,” Junior Bailey Whitaker said.

            The local people that live in these places in some situations have very rough living conditions. They don’t have a lot of resources and the schools are very small and can barely fit all of the children into them. It is very rainy in Guatemala and most of the people there sleep on muddy floors.

            “One lady told us while we were fixing up her house how much it meant to her that we were there helping her and taking care of her,” Whitaker said.

            People take advantage of the living in the United States and how easy it is to get the things we need and how it is a blessing for people in their lives. The people Bailey visited don’t have the opportunity to get things they may need or want. Service is an amazing thing and it feels so good when you serve someone or someone serves you. People should try to think of others as much as possible because one act of service may help someone so much and make them feel so good.