Student Excels in Artistic Face Painting

Bentley Holley


Riley Stam, Executive Editor

Rieley Fredrick has a passion for special effects makeup as well as art. With a push from her dad, Rieley started an instagram page as well as her own business dedicated to special effects makeup.

“My dad is an artist, he started his own design company, so he is really for entrepreneurship,” Fredrick said.

Frederick loves that she is able to share her passion for art with other people. One of her  favorite things about her makeup is that it allows her to put her ideas out where everyone can see them.

“You can’t always say everything in words and people can visualize what you are saying. But I like that with art I can visualize something and other people can see exactly what I’m visualizing,” Fredrick said.

Rieley Frederick is also a debate captain as well as an honor roll student. She is often pressed for time and struggles to fit her makeup and art into her busy schedule.

“I am very busy, any moment I have I will start drawing something or look up ideas,”  Fredrick said.  “I just try to squeeze it in any holes that I can.”

While Rieley loves special effects makeup she is unsure if she will make it into a career for herself. One of the reason’s being there is not a lot of information about how to create a career in that field.

“I’m hoping I can go after another career and do that on the side, just kind of fit that into my life somewhere,” Fredrick said.