Girls’ Education Supported By Worldwide Event

Bentley Holley

Natalie Lott, News Editor

Saturday January 28, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Days for Girls is putting on their annual event. This event is geared towards making hygiene kits for girls in developing countries. Anyone is invited so spread the word, and bring your friends along to the event.

“A best friend, Ann Lewis, had been working in Africa for 30 years, helping build schools and put in wells, etc. She had NEVER, in all that time, ever even thought feminine hygiene was an issue.  When she learned about Days for Girls, and how really tragic the situation was, she RAN headlong down the path to help solve the problem – and took a bunch of us along with her,” Days for Girls coordinator Days for Girls Julie Treadwell said.

This event started from volunteers who saw a need. In places like Africa they were first-hand witnesses, seeing girls not able to attend school because they did not have the hygiene products needed to leave their home. Since the start of Days for Girls, the number of volunteers has grown significantly.

“Two years ago, the Kaysville Rotary sponsored a Days for Girls event at the DATC. We didn’t know what to expect. Over 1,000 volunteers showed up. We think we’ll double that this time,” Treadwell said.

Even with the recent growth Days for Girls still needs more volunteers to accomplish there goal. A goal following the motto of, “Every girl. Everywhere. By 2022. Period.”

To help with is cause or find more information, come to Davis on Saturday in the commons area. Or check out their Facebook page at: