Boys Basketball Reviews Entire Season and Prospects

Jaxon Garlitz and Bentley Holley


Jaxon Garlitz, Reporter

The boys basketball team has been a powerhouse for years, and with names like Ben Rigby and Jesse Wade on current and former rosters, excellence is a tradition and expectation for this group. Coach Sims runs his players as much as he can to improve their conditioning and speed, but the real strength on this team is their heart.

“I think we have really good chemistry, we are all really good friends, and we trust each other,” senior Ben Rigby said.

The team puts that school spirit to use in preparing for games during the week, and the theme is being prepared for the other team. The philosophy is to play the game the team likes to play, and to prevent opponents from playing theirs with tough defense and smart shot taking. Every day leading to the matchup, the team studies film and puts time into the weight room and the gym in an attempt to be as geared up as possible for what is often a tough game.

“During the week we focus on what we struggled with last game,” senior Carson Bush said. “What we need to improve on, and we focus on the other team, what they do and what they run,”

Game day is especially nerve racking for players, and the basketball team tries to take every game one at a time. They try not to focus too much on the hype or the thought of playoffs. They stay in the here and now, knowing that every second of intense workouts and every second of film studied is crucial for a team looking to win every game they play.

Coach Sims especially puts a focus on always being active without the ball, and to communicate verbally with teammates who are always eager and willing to help out in tight spots on the court.

“You gotta get your mind set on what you need to do to win, and what you need to do to help the team win,” junior Brendan Redford emphasized.

Bush also explained that the key to team success is communication with teammates and the love of playing for this school. They have to live and breathe for the team, and have to love what they are doing and who they share the incredible experience with.

“You can tell on the court and off the court that we enjoy being around each other,” Bush said.