Advanced Theater Prepares for Spring Play

Mason Hall


Lydia Griffin, Reporter

There are many clubs and activities available for students throughout the school, and one of the clubs that has the most interest is Advanced Theater. Advanced Theater is a class that students can take during the school day. There are many experiences, opportunities and performances that come out of this class.

“Advanced theater is an auditioned class. In May, auditions are held and sophomores and juniors can come try out. You prepare a Shakespeare monologue and a contemporary monologue, and you audition and if you’re chosen, you’re in the class,” Advanced Theater student Annie Wells said.

Although the class is available for most students, there are a few requirements. Auditions for the class are held at the end of the previous school year, and in order to be in the class, students need to audition, make call backs and make the final cuts. There are usually over 50 people who audition, and around 26 people make it.

“They have to have had a class from me at some point before they audition, they have to have a 2.0, no F’s and no U’s, they have to commit to the entire year (it’s a year long class), and they have to have a great attitude,” theater teacher Andra Thorne said.

There are many experiences that people in Advanced Theater have, and they are not all in the classroom. The advanced theater class travels to the Shakespeare festival, puts on the spring play, and performs many more performances throughout the school year.

“We went down to Cedar City for the Shakespeare festival, and that was a ton of fun. You got to know classmates, you got to hang out at SUU, there were some great performances down there, it was just a fun atmosphere and fun to be there,” Advanced Theater student Collins Stephenson said.

In Advanced Theater, there are many students with a wide margin of experience. Some of the students have participated in many musicals and plays, while some have only had a small amount of experience.

“I’m not so much concerned about talent as I am about people who can work in groups, people who love theatre, and people who want to be there and collaborate,” Thorne said.