Auto Class Teaches Important Car Care

Spencer Hill and Bentley Holley


Brooke Christenson, Reporter

Students say the Auto Class can be very beneficial in many ways, while still being a fun way to learn. The class is very hands on and teaches students to do tasks by actually doing them, rather than just reading about them. Auto Class can be helpful while in high school and even in the future.

“You can do engineering and then auto mechanics for just basic shops,” junior Jay Farr said. “It pays pretty good and you know how to work on cars.”

Knowing how to work on cars can be important if something simple happens like a flat tire, or in the event of an emergency. Especially as high school students in snowy weather conditions. the roads can be tricky to drive on, and most teens would panic if they were in an emergency.

“For an emergency on the road you’ll know what to do, you know what you’re gonna do and not just sit there and wait for somebody else or pay someone to tow your car over to a place and pay a lot more money, you’ll just know what to do,” Farr said.

Auto Class is very challenging and looks great on records. Many colleges and businesses recognize the hard work required for this class. It can improve job opportunities for those who take it.

“They need to know how to work, that would be helpful, they need to have a desire to learn because thats whats gonna make them successful I think in anything they do,” Auto Teacher Mr. Housley said. “It’s a lot more, you gotta be good with your head instead of just good with your hands.”

Auto shop teaches students to work hard and efficiently. It can strengthen students’ work ethic and teach them how to use their skills in needed situations.
“The sky’s the limit, it’s a broad industry,” Housley said.