Humans of Davis High – Hattie Shepherd

Dallin Hawkins


Dallin Hawkins, Student Life Specialist

Hattie Shepherd has worked hard in pursuing her interest in dance. Her success is greatly attributed to starting at a young age and the mentors that supported her as she grew up.


“I have been dancing since I was about five. My mom used to teach me before I was old enough to actually go to the studio that my sister was at,” Shepherd said, “So she has been teaching me and then I came here to Utah and I danced here at lots of different studios.”


Although her expertise is in ballet, Shepherd has pursued various types of dance and has found joy in those as well.


“I have been able to learn so many different styles. So I do ballet, tap, and jazz. I did ballroom for a while. I do contemporary, modern, and sometimes hip hop,” Shepherd said.


Shepherd has taken her dancing capabilities to multiple productions. Most have been focused on dance, however some have been musical.


“When I was fourteen years old at my other studio we did a production of Swan Lake. I was actually cast as the lead role. Which was amazing for me,” Shepherd said. “This year I am in Wizard of Oz, which is super fun. I am Dorothy.”


Although her interests mainly involve dance, Shepherd is also involved in clothing design. She says not many people know that about her as it doesn’t come up often in conversation.


“I have gotten into fashion design. I have a fashion sketchbook where I just draw a ton of different designs,” Shepherd said. “When I am not dancing or sleeping or eating or whatever else I tend to do then that is what I like to do.”