Stage Crew Moves Sets and Events for Activities

Bentley Holley


Natalie Lott , News Editor

This year so far many events have happened such as: Mary Poppins, football games, One Acts, assemblies, and much more, helping with it all was Stage Crew. Whether it be lights, sound, or props, a member of stage crew is behind it, helping it all running smoothly.

“If you have an interest in building, lights, I’d say go to the counseling center and sign up” Hayden Barlow a Junior and member of stage crew, said.

With taking this class comes learning everything there is to know about running events. This can further help anyone looking to go into theater business and working behind the scenes, or working events in general. One thing is certain, the students in stage crew have a love for the craft.

For any student interested in adding this class to their schedule for next fall talk to a counselor. Also talk to any member of the stage crew to find out more about the class.