Stereotypes in the Classroom


Each individual student is unique with different skills, interests, and passions. Some are logically exceptional, some are artistically gifted, and some are athletically skilled. All students bring personal abilities that add to a wide variety of exciting activities and achievements here at our school.

“I’d say I fit under like a golfer stereotype, you know I kind of drive a nicer car, and I keep my clubs in my car,” senior Ian Cahoon said.

There are many student “stereotypes” of common things often seen in the classroom. These can be good stereotypes like students who always get good grades, students who are always on time, and students who always do their best work. There can also be poor qualities like the student who is always late to class, the student who is constantly on his phone, and the student who is distracting with food.

“I definitely dislike those students that listen to music in a class that you shouldn’t be because they always ask you after instructions on what to do for the assignment,” senior Cooper Atkinson said.

Whether good or bad, these stereotypes are frequent and are part of our educational system because of the individual ways students express themselves.

    “Everyone is unique and it’s great to find the interests in other students. It makes the school such a fun place to meet amazing people,” junior Dallin Toone said.