Yoga Class Stretches its Bounds

Chandler Seely

Yoga Class Stretches its Bounds

Chandler Seely, Reporter

Having around 130 students, the school’s yoga class was not always credited curriculum. It started as an after-school club in which members independently gathered together.

“I actually had a girl, her name was Ashley Christensen. She came in and said she’d like to do some yoga and asked me if I’d would do a yoga club,” Ms. Fox said. “And we just started that about two years ago and we would do that after school about once a week.”

A counselor had approached Ms. Fox and gathered information about yoga and soon after assimilated a new physical education class. Students who have taken the class reported to have enjoyed the curriculum and the relaxed atmosphere.

“I want to make yoga a part of my everyday life,” Louisa Twitchel said. “And it’s kinda hard like on off days when i’m not in the yoga class and like throughout school but I think that just like the mental benefits that it gives you and like I totally notice a difference in my mood like after doing yoga and so I totally wanna like continue making it a part of my life and have my kids do yoga like when I get married and stuff.”

Students can benefit from yoga by building lean muscles, stretching limb movements, and focusing on mental preparation. For more information regarding the class, contact Ms. Fox or a school counselor.