Activities Provide Fun During Slow Months


Anthony C


Tori Waltz, Segment Producer

After a relaxing summer, nothing is more refreshing than an exciting and fast-paced holiday season filled with action, surprise and entertainment. However, following the celebration of Christmas and the New Year, life begins to settle to a relative halt. This causes the months of January through April to mark what is considered one of the most boring and dragging times of the year.

“It’s just cold and boring and there is not a lot to do and Christmas is over so there’s nothing to look forward to,” senior Andrea Gillespie said.

Although these months may seem never ending, there are still plenty of activities to keep one busy through this transitional season. Some of the most popular attractions within Davis County include Layton’s Classic Fun Center, Get Air Kaysville, and Farmington Station park, all of which are open and available year round.

“For a cheap date you could go to the D.I. and buy each other’s clothes and then set up a table at McDonald’s and have dinner and then afterwards you could go bowling,” senior Mitch Meyer said.

In addition to its many attractions, Utah is also home to what are considered some of the most beautiful places in the country, some of which are relatively close in proximity to Davis County. When the weather is nice, a large amount of students may be found hiking Adams Canyon, exploring Antelope Island or relaxing near the region’s many magnificent lakes.

“One of my favorite places in Utah is the mountains because you can drive up there and look at the city and see the sunset and it’s just a good time,” Gillespie said.