Commonplace Books Allow Students a Chance to Express Themselves

Anthony Coombs

Commonplace Books Allow Students a Chance to Express Themselves

Isabel Deller, Reporter

Commonplace books were originally started by John Locke, a philosopher who wanted to keep his thoughts, ideas, and favorite quotes all in one place. He was the first to coin the term “commonplace book” and has since affected many other people. People who use commonplace books feel like there is a great importance for them.

“It’s a great place you can write feelings and impressions in the moment as they happen. They’re the most accurate,” senior Keegan Reed said.

They are convenient things to have on hand, as the owner can compile many things such as quotes, thoughts they had, ideas for things they want to do and more. With so many uses comes the appreciated for different aspect of their books. Each author has a different thing that they enjoy about the idea of commonplace books.

“I like that they are unique to the individual keeping one. There’s really no wrong way to do it,” English teacher Ms. Fackrell said.

Commonplace books, while not so commonplace, are an opportune place to organize all of an individual’s important feelings and visions. Create a commonplace book today to join the league of authors who compile their own.