Students Gear up for Upcoming AP Tests

Anthony Coombs

Lydia Griffin, Reporter

AP classes are very common throughout the school, and many students are busy preparing for the upcoming AP tests. Students are working very hard, whether they are reading, reviewing, or learning new material, and teachers are working hard to prepare their students as much as possible.

“We’ve covered almost all of our content so everything will be review after March,” AP Chemistry Teacher Julie Laub said.

There are many benefits that come from taking and passing AP classes. Not only do students get early college credit, they are offered preparation for the intensity of college classes. AP teachers all agree that the classes they teach will benefit their students in the future, and each class has its own individual advantages.

“AP Chemistry offers a lot of bank for your buck. It’s actually four classes. It’s the content classes 1210 and 1220,” Laub said. “If you’re doing any engineering or medicine every student in those fields has to take that first year of chemistry.”

Many teachers recommend taking their AP class because it will save students a lot of money and time that will otherwise be spent in college. AP Calculus, a very popular class among math-oriented students, has numerous advantages because of the many college majors that require this level of math.

“Math is usually a tough class to pass in college, especially if you have a time gap from high school to when you take math in college, so if students can get it done in high school then they won’t have to take math in college at all unless they choose a major that would require more additional math,” AP Calculus Teacher Marisa Brough said.

AP classes here have unusually high enrolment and pass rates. In fact, AP classes and tests here at school have the highest pass rates in the state. Additionally, there are various AP classes that are offered for students so that everyone can find something that interests them.

“We offer a lot of AP classes. We have Math, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics,” Brough said. “There’s also History, English, Art History, they even have AP Jewelry I think. There are tons of AP classes.”

Students who are motivated and put in the effort to pass their AP classes tend to have a lot of success. They also usually enjoy the class if they are interested in the subject they are learning.

“I’d say people love it. They love the information and gathering it. Just history in general, it’s just fascinating to learn about it,” AP Student Kyle Sorenson said.