White Shoes Trend Steps Into Students Lives

Spencer Hill

White Shoes Trend Steps Into Students Lives

Cameron Jacobsen, Reporter

White shoes have been around since the 80’s, creating long-lasting impacts on fashion today. Many students devote themselves to wearing white shoes, enjoying the simplicity of the color and how it matches every other color. One of the biggest problems facing white shoes is the challenge of keeping them clean, making them hard to wear when it is raining, snowing, or walking in general.

“My basketball shoes are white, so they get scuffed a lot when I play,” senior Robert Twogood said. “I don’t really care though, because I think they look a lot better when they look worn and used.”

Despite the challenge of keeping their shoes clean, many students use shoe cleaning methods that help keep their white shoes white. Whether these methods prove to be successful or not, they tend to be popular among the students.

“So first I remove the laces, then I prepare some natural soap and get a soap brush. After that I just scrub them down until they’re white again,” junior Ben Greaves said. “It works a lot of the time but it is a hassle every time I do it.”

With white shoes becoming ever more popular, they definitely have made a mark on fashion history. Brands such as Nike, Under Armour, Vans, and Adidas all support the white shoe base, only adding to the white shoe frenzy.