Valentine’s Creates Awkward Moments

Mason Hall

Valentine’s Creates Awkward Moments

Wyatt Fresh, Reporter

Valentine’s Day is a day that some people celebrate and others dread. The ones that are aware of Valentine’s Day through all of February are high school students, whether it be through school dances or posters around the school.

“[I have] mixed emotions, I look forward to it, or I hate it. Just making people feel loved is…  fantastic,” sophomore Brianna Nielson said.

Although some people love to show compassion and empathy during this holiday, not all people share that opinion. Some strongly dislike the holiday and would rather avoid it completely.

“In general I despise it, based a lot on my experience, but also off what I’ve seen” Matthew Ward said “It seems to be awkward instead of being a chance for people to show love. For example if somebody did want to give a valentine to somebody that they liked, its not as if Valentine’s day suddenly makes it not kind of awkward.”

Regardless of how people may feel about Valentine’s Day, they cannot deny that a day of love has a poetic sense to it.