Students Show Lack of Respect for School

Tanner Livingston

Students Show Lack of Respect for School

Alexandria Cooley, Story Production Editor

Currently, white pamphlets have been appearing around the school. The Janitorial Staff is looking for new members to join their team.

“Since I’ve been here at Davis High, we have seven positions that we have not been able to fill, so I am definitely looking for more custodians to fill those positions,” Head Janitor Ken Nelson said.

Even with a full staff, there are a lot of duties that the staff has to fulfill in a short period of time. Before the school day ends, the three current janitors have to ensure that the school stays clean and safe for the students, teachers, and administrative staff.

“We have to pick up the hallways, we have to clean the cafeteria, empty all of the garbages, take the garbage out of the kitchen, and clean the entryways,” Nelson said.

These janitors fulfil these duties every day, but the process takes much longer when students consistently leave their trash on the ground after lunch. Not only does this create unnecessary problems for the janitorial staff, it also diminishes the value of our school.

“If you want to have the best looking high school in the district, obviously when people come to visit this school, and there’s garbage everywhere, it doesn’t represent that,” Nelson said.

Many people would expect that high school students could be responsible enough to clean up their trash, especially students from such a great school as this.

“I think that we’re such a great school, and I think that the students should be held to a higher standard,” Dart Man Keegan Reed said.

Picking up trash could be a way to show respect for the facilities and people who attend the school. However, the lack of cleanliness often shows a lack of respect.

“I think it shows a little bit of disrespect, just because people forget or they don’t really care enough to just pick up their trash. I think that it’s not that big a deal to just throw your trash away,” SBO Vice President Caesar Calvio said.

Not only is trashing the school a form of disrespect, it also disappoints and upsets the Alumni who come back to visit their alma mater. Many of which, donate a lot of money to the school.

“If I love something, and I go back and see it trashed… that’s a sense of pride that’s getting hurt. So all these Alumni who come back and see the hallways filled with trash, that’s not what Davis High is about,” SBO Vice President Eliza Hafen said.