Blogging Helps Students Share Their Interests Online

Spencer Hill


Olivia Nielsen, Reporter

Blogging is not only a fun and creative way to share aspects of your life, likes and dislikes. It has recently skyrocketed in popularity, especially in Utah as a marketing tool. In some cases can become a full time job.

“A lot of people use it to further their brands,” Monumetric employee Ashley Lindberg said. “They’ll start an Instagram page or they’ll start a twitter profile, or start a Pinterest page and then their blog will be a way to elaborate on that and they can monetize it in ways that Instagram doesn’t allow you to, or Twitter or Pinterest don’t allow you to.”

Marketing through blogs can be very successful not only for the company’s ads but for the blogger as well. Simply the more people that see the site and posts, the more money both parties will make.

“The most important [advertising tool] that people use is just regular advertising,” Lindberg said. “They have display ads so when you scroll through a website you’ll see them down the side bar, on the bottom, they’ll pop up, they’ll start playing music, they’ll do all kinds of things, and those they get paid depending on how many people come to the site, how many click on the ads depending on what kind, or they’ll also do what’s called affiliate links. Say you’re an affiliate for Amazon they’ll have an Amazon link on the post and they click on that and a portion of that money goes to them, rather than just to Amazon, so that they earn money through that a little bit.”

The large appeal in blogging is that it often is surrounding someone’s passions and interests. People blog about their family, lifestyles, workout routines, and everything going on in the world around them. It is a public form of artistic outlet and now has been monetized to further benefit companies and even the blogger’s own brand.

“A lot of people blog about the trendy stuff,” blogger London Chandler said. “I feel like that goes in with culture because you can look back and see what people were doing and wearing. The benefit of having a blog and looking on blogs is to get ideas and inspiration.”

Blogs are a great way for people to connect with those around them and learn more about all sorts of things. They are highly beneficial to both the reader and the blogger because now both are receiving a physical gain from the site. Bloggers and readers alike are loving the upward trend in blogging.