Orientation Night Offers Introduction for Incoming Sophomores

Bentley Holley


Ryan Lindberg, Reporter

Sophomore orientation was this past month, and was attended by hundreds of the incoming sophomore class. Sophomore orientation is a great way to become acquainted with the routine of high school before being proverbially “baptised by fire” in the first weeks.

It is common knowledge that sophomores are inexperienced when it comes to the high school routine, and find it hard to become accepted, particularly by the senior class members.

“I didn’t really want to be considered a sophomore you know, they have a bad name,” senior Isaak Yabblonovsky said.

Sophomore orientation is a great way to combat these negative connotations. Becoming familiar with the routine beforehand helps this immensely. Sophomores who attended sophomore orientation have spoken of its usefulness. Orientation allows one to find classes, meet teachers, and get up to speed on the routine.

“It helped me find my classes and meet some of the teachers that I’d be experiencing throughout the school year,” sophomore Nathan Skonnard said.

With high schools being a culmination of students from several different junior highs, there will be many people you have never met. Sophomore orientation allows you to meet your future classmates before you start.

“It’s good to go to sophomore orientation because you get to see where all of your new

classes are and meet new people and be around a big crowd,” said sophomore Bronte Healey.

Sophomore year is full of new experiences, some good and some bad. This year’s sophomores have spoken of its benefits , and ability to make the transition much easier.