Softball Team Plays in Charity Event for Leukemia

Spencer Hill


Brooke Christenson, Reporter

Like any sport, softball players spend a great deal of time practicing their sport. Players focus on all elements of the game, including predicting plays, mental preparation, perfecting fundamentals, and communicating as a team

“It’s really kind of a strict protocol; I mean we’re not allowed to be late or bad things happen,” junior Laura Baird said.

During games the sport appears to be complicated, yet players say it is solely fundamentals and simple steps.

“We do drills and fundamentals and we focus on like, just getting the easy things down first like the simple things making the simple plays and then let the rest come later,” junior, Mia Cullimore said.

In order for a player to really prepare for games and crucial plays, they must have the experience to back it up. All of the players have been playing for a long time.

“I’ve been playing since I was like 7 or 8 years old, a really long time,” Cullimore said.

Experience with teammates is important to working together. They play games together often to work together and prepare themselves for situations in a game where they might need to communicate with each other in specific situations.

“Games are usually two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. sometimes we have makeup games which makes it three days a week, we have tournaments the first two weeks and the state tournament at the end,” Baird said.