McDonald’s Provides Cheap and Accessible Food for Students

Spencer Hill

McDonalds Provides Cheap and Accessible Food for Students

Cameron Jacobsen, Reporter

McDonald’s has been stealing away customers from competing restaurants in the area during lunch time by having low prices and quality food. With the not-so-recent release of All Day Breakfast, McDonald’s has once again come up with an innovative strategy to entice students to spend lunch at their restaurant.

“McDonald’s is like super cheap compared to other food options in Kaysville,” senior Levi Hassan said. “The foods not that bad either for the price, and I always get the breakfast sandwiches.”

While McDonald’s may bring in students due to the low prices and good food, there are still other restaurants in the area that provide competition. These include Wendy’s, Arby’s, Taco Time, and Subway.

“McDonald’s is just gross because while it’s cheap, it’s still crap food,” senior Alec Mease said. “I’d rather go to Wendy’s any day of the week then go to McDonalds.

Due to the median high school student salary, students cannot afford to eat fancy every day. McDonald’s provides cheap food that can still satisfy those who eat there, making the restaurant a desirable place for students to eat during lunch. With only forty minutes for lunch time, fast food is usually an option for students because of how quickly they can get the food and eat it before the next class.