Girls Lacrosse Works Hard to Win in Upcoming Season


Brian Roueche, Reporter

Lacrosse is a team contact sport using a rubber ball and lacrosse sticks. The amount of contact is almost an equivalent to sports such as football. The players go through rigorous training and conditioning to become the best players they can be.

“The object of the game is similar to many team sports involving a ball, namely to shoot said ball into the opponent’s goal more times than they do to yours.” said.

Lacrosse has been used by many cultures throughout the years. It first started out with Native Americans training to be warriors. Those “teams” were filled with sometimes thousands of native american warriors preparing for victory. The game has changed and evolved a lot from when it was a serious act, to becoming a recreational game.

“Lacrosse may have originated as early as 1100 AD and was well established in Montreal Canada by the 17th century,” says.

The Girls Lacrosse teams are slightly different than the Boys Lacrosse teams. A couple of ways that they are different are in rules, number of players, and field size. These differences do not affect the difficulty of the game.

“Women’s lacrosse rules and field dimensions are different from men’s. Each team has twelve players, usually four attack, three midfielders, four defense and a goalie. In Men’s Lacrosse, midfielders can cover the full field. Defensemen and attack men must stay on their respective sides of the midfield line so that there are no more than six offensive players (not including the goalie) on the defending side,” said.

Girls Lacrosse, along with Men’s Lacrosse, are both very physically and mentally challenging sports. The game requires being in shape and being able to get along with team members. There are many challenges, and there are many great aspects in the game of lacrosse.