School Pride Remains Strong at DHS

Spencer Hill

School Pride Remains Strong at DHS

Cameron Jacobsen, Reporter

Davis High Pride is the backbone of this school. Without this pride, this school would not be where it is today. Thanks to students who participate in and attend many sports and clubs, pride is very important to students. With the school year starting in 2016, the football season went off with a bang. The bleachers were almost filled to the maximum capacity at every game.

“Davis High Pride was amazing during the football season,” sophomore Student Body President  Mikah Yerman said. “Attendance was amazing and everyone always had a good time.”

Coming to the end of the basketball season, students were hard to come by at games. The bleachers were half full at the most. Students were baffled as to why no one was coming to the games.

“I would always come to the basketball games,” junior Student Body Officer Benjamin Packer said. “But there was always nobody there for some reason.”

People like Packer are wondering why nobody is coming to the games. They are worrying that the Davis High Pride is finally coming to an end. While some are being discouraged, people like Yerman have some ideas on how to revive Davis High Pride.

“I think that if we can get the announcements out and the right leaders to rep the pride, then we can bring people to the games,” Yerman said.

If students are worried about the lack of Davis High Pride, then it is up to them to bring it back to its former glory. Many students can participate in activities and continue going to games in order to help support school teams.