La La Land Reviewed by Students

Leilani Gastelum


Dale Robinette

LLL d 29 _5194.NEF

Leilani Gastelum, Broadcast Producer

La La Land is a film about an aspiring actress (Emma Stone) and a passionate jazz player (Ryan Gosling) who fall for one another. The film is filled with scenes that will take the audience back to musicals from the 40’s and 50’s. Even though it is based in our current time period, there is no doubt that it gives the feeling as if one is going back into the 1950’s from the music and dancing that is presented.

La La Land is a beautiful film filled with a variety of colors. In the opening scene you are presented with these pops of color. The film starts off in a traffic jam in L.A. where everyone slowly starts breaking into song. The colors worn by each person are very bold and bright; starting off the movie with a very energetic and positive vibe.

Each scene in La La Land seems as if they were each chosen very precisely. There are multiple beautiful sunsets that add to the emotion of each scene. For example, Ryan Gosling has a scene where he is singing the song City of Stars on a pier in Hermosa Beach, California. The colors of the sunset consist of different shades of purple and pink which add to the feelings of love and passion from the song.

La La Land isn’t just a typical love story. Director Damien Chazelle presents love in the film unlike most others. It isn’t introduced in the physical sense but is presented using the emotional side of what love is.