Traditions Change With Time

Spencer Hill


Ethan Bovee, Social Media Editor

Founded in 1914, originally named “Davis County Central High School” Davis high served as a schoolhouse for all children from Davis County. Formerly, underclassmen (sophomore and freshman) and upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) were separated but now in the new building all students were united.

As the years went on the school had a 3 phase plan to complete the school. Finally in the 1929-30 school year the 3rd phase was finished and the school was 100 percent complete. The school now included, the main building, a seminary building, and the auditorium.

Transportation in the early days of the school consisted of taking the train and driving your truck. Most students however took the train as cars were rare for students to have access to.

In 1956 the Samuel morgan Fieldhouse was completed, it was a separate building for wrestling and basketball events. It included a weight room and a separate wrestling room. It was demolished in the summer of 2002.

Throughout the 60’s more and more additions were made to the original 1914 building. This included a music and drama room, a library addition, and more offices. More and more was added onto the original school before the demolition.

One staple of Davis High is the “D” that sits outside of the main office. It was originally placed in 1953 by the students it sat in the main hall in the 1914 hall. When the school was built the D was moved into the new school right outside of the main office.

In 2003 the old school and fieldhouse fell bringing a new era to Davis high. Since then we have been able to enjoy one of the nicest facilities the state has to offer with beautiful classrooms and hallways. As the school has endured a fantastic 100 plus years another 100 is yet to come.