Students From Other Schools Discuss Davis Cliques

Anthony Coombs


Leilani Gastelum, Broadcast Producer

There is no doubt that every high school has cliques, including Davis High. By categorizing  students using the parking lots (north and south end), the hallways, people, interests etc. There could be a number of reasons why Davis High has so many cliques, including the amount of students, the amount of clubs, and the amount of classes.

Schools that offer students more choice – more elective courses, more ways to complete requirements, a bigger range of potential friends, more freedom to select seats in a classroom – are more likely to be rank-ordered, cliquish and segregated by race, age, gender and social status.” Writer of “The end of mean girls? Researchers find how cliques form in high school – and say they know how to end them” Mark Prigg said.

Davis High School is known to be one of the top ranking schools in the nation, in both academics and sports. We have a variety of classes and organizations which encourage students to get involved with a club or sport they are interested in. Of course having all of these options isn’t a bad thing, but it’s no doubt that students should be aware of what it may be causing.

“I think it’s good to have your close friends and hangout with people you like to be around, but I think it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people.” Layton High Senior Abby Cragun said.

The social impact that cliques have on a student body could be very harmful. Cliques are known to cause segregation within a school and can have a negative impact on a student.

These groups aren’t brought together by a genuine interest in each other. Instead, they are organized around power and popularity. Leaders of such groups often are charismatic and controlling. Members of the group rely on exclusivity and very strict internal codes to establish and maintain the idea that they are something special. They do everything together and have no tolerance for any member branching out to friends outside the group.” Writer of Click or Clique: Positive and Negative Teen Social Groups” Marie Hartwell-Walker said.

Cliques are not necessarily a bad thing but could cause people to feel as if they have a “safety net” within their own group. Which can limit the number of students who get out of their comfort zone and are more willing to try new things. It is important while in high school to prepare for college and adulthood, and by being part of a clique it can hold a student back from their full potential.