Students Look Forward to Friends at Lunch

Bentley Holley


Jaxon Garlitz, Reporter

One of the most treasured moments in a student’s day, as it provides a break from the stress that students various classes provide. Students have lots of different preferences on lunch, from the types of food, to the location, even to not having lunch.

“Sandwiches, you can’t go wrong with good old sandwiches,” senior Isaac Yalmonofsky said.

He brings his lunch from home daily and considers himself a thrifty individual in general. He values the time he gets at lunch to spend time with friends, and the food is only part of what makes lunch great for him.

Not all students are the same however. Open campus lunch allows students to go where they please during lunch, be it home, the school lunch line, or a local restaurant. Junior Ethan McNeal has gone out to lunch nearly every day since he was a sophomore, and he has some favorite places that many students don’t know about.

“I like going to Dylans and getting two little W’s and a small fry,” McNeal said.

Some of the many locations students can eat at are McDonalds, Wendys, Arbys, Subway, These locations are cheap, easy to access, and best of all they serve fairly quickly to accommodate the student lunch rush. Many students don’t realize or take advantage of the deals that restaurants offer to students during lunchtime.

“Dylans offers small fries to students for only a dollar, as well the Little W, so it’s a pretty good deal,” McNeal says.

    Students should take the opportunity this late in the year to find new locations other than the ones that they are the most comfortable with and explore the options that they have to go to lunch, and students should also try to go to lunch with as many new people as possible. It is only 45 minutes, but the lunch period offers lots of new and different ways for students to meet up and talk with friends.