Band Members Compete in Solo Ensemble

Mason Hall

Band Members Compete in Solo Ensemble

Ryan Lindberg, Reporter

Solo Ensemble is an orchestra, singing, and band competition that takes place in the spring. Beginning with a school competition, competitors are able to advance to compete at the region and state level.

“It’s really fun because you get to be with you friends and play some hard stuff, and get to move on to different regions,” competitor Emily Alvord said.

Solo Ensemble is one of the better known and biggest competitions within the performing arts. Groups of friends and competitors are able to excel and move on to the next level of event.

“Davis was very well represented. We had a lot of people go on to state,” competitor Emily Alvord said.

While the competition is required at the school level, competitors enjoy the ability to perform with their friends, and are grateful for the feedback they receive as a result of their performance.

“My favorite part about solo ensemble would have to be that feeling when you get your paper back and you got a one, and the little yes is circled for you’re going to state. It’s just a really good feeling. Especially when you feel like you had a way bad performance so it’s like oh, sweet I did ok!” competitor Ashley Taylor said.

The state competition takes place on April 29 at Northridge High School. With many teams from Davis performing, there is a good chance for success within the competitors.