Internet Culture Important for Teens

Tanner Livingston


Tanner Livingston, Reporter


Import.DavisHighSystem.copy(“Davis High School Hacked broadcast Print Piece And Hidden Message”) Spam = DTVBROADCAST.Paste()

Print.Text(“ Davis High News has been taken for this brief story on the falsehoods of society and what they say the internet is. Rumor is that the Internet is making people vulnerable, when really it is a key piece to the growth as a world.

There are 31 countries in the world that have some form of censored Internet, as stated by TheGuardian on their data summary on forms of Internet censorship. Most will agree when they hear this that it is bad. It is to control the media through media propaganda is created, swaying the opinion of the public.

“[Internet is] a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols,” said.

The Internet is a variety of ways to connect and grow in knowledge, a way to use freedom of speech to the fullest. The Internet allows the ability express oneself better than any century before through websites, videos, art, programming, comments sections, social networks, etc.

“I don’t see myself as a hero because what I’m doing is self-interested: I don’t want to live in a world where there’s no privacy and therefore no room for intellectual exploration and creativity,” Hacker and exiled whistleblower Edward Snowden said.

Many people like Snowden are currently fighting for there rights of privacy. With loss of privacy on the web comes less and less freedom, to have protection comes with less freedoms. With this knowledge will come change to the outcome of the information age. Even though the US is one of the leading countries protecting people’s right to use the internet, which is currently losing privacy from government groups like the NSA. People fight for and Against the censorship of the information. Although that is just one of many opinions in the vast ocean called the web. “);