End of Term Brings Stress for Students

Bentley Holley

End of Term Brings Stress for Students

Jaxon Garlitz, Reporter

As fourth term is starting up, students have one more quarter in the academic year to try and boost their GPA and finish the year strong. A look back at the end of third term often reminds students why it is so important for them to stay focused and on task at the end of the quarter.

“Right now I am in AP chem, Honors math, and English so it’s hard to stay on top of it,” junior Abby Davis said.

Many students operate with the mentality of procrastination, which the Merriam Webster Dictionary defines as “to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done.” They believe that they will have time at the end of term to complete projects, or that their teachers will give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes time to submit their grades. Senior Jordan Terry knows from experience the problems with avoiding work, and he warns other students against doing that and expecting good things.

“Try not to cram, i’ve done it nonstop. It doesn’t ever end well for you,” Terry said.

Students with canvas classes are also advised not to procrastinate because the deadlines are much more finite and set as compared to deadlines on physical projects set by teachers. Essays can be docked a lot easier after they have been marked late by the computer as compared to handing it in to a teacher physically.

“I would say to be careful of toeing the line when it comes to Canvas, said Terry. “It’s a lot easier for teachers to see that an assignment is late, and you have no room for error past 11:59 that night.”

As the final stretch of the year starts, students should remind themselves that it doesn’t pay off to procrastinate, and that it only makes the teachers lives and their own lives harder. Darts do their best at all times, and should try even harder as the end of the academic year approaches.