North End vs South End Conflict Examined

Chandler Seely

Brooke Christenson, Reporter

As many people know, the parking lot has many problems with drivers, location, and space. Students drive furiously in effort to get a space and not be ticketed. Students mainly park on one of two sides of the school: North, or South. Both sides argue that their side is better than the other.

“Because southend there’s usually more spots there and i’m sometimes you know a little bit later to school so i can find a park there and it’s easier to get out to lunch,” junior Trevor Dustin said.

Students prefer their parking lot for various reasons. High school drivers often door-ding and rear end other cars. Many students park where they feel safe or where they feel there is less chance of accidents.

“I park in the north parking lot,” senior Anna Barlow said. “It’s not as crowded and I feel like there’s a lot less accidents and problems that happen in the north parking lot.”

Some find that either side is as safe as the other and prefer to be closer to their homes, classes, or an outlet to get to and from school and lunch easier. Others do not care where, as long as it is near friends

“I park in both parking lots, i park in north end on b days and south end on a days cause it’s just easier with my classes,” junior Matt Ross said.

Students each have various different reasons for parking preferences, thus there can not be winners of the parking lot. The war will continue until the day that the parking lot problems are fixed.