Boys Tennis Season Proves to be Successful

Spencer Hill

Lydia Griffin, Reporter

The boys tennis team is currently working very hard to prepare for the upcoming matches and tournaments that will be taking place towards the end of April and through the middle of May. There was a tournament at the end of March in St. George, and now the team is focusing on getting ready for Regions and State.

“Season started first week of April and it ends May 18th, when State is,” Tennis Team Captain Sam Hafen said.

In past years, the tennis team has been very successful, but they are still working hard to improve and beat Viewmont. The Viewmont team has had a very successful history and season so far.

“We’re pretty good. We’ve won regions quite a bit but we haven’t won recently, because of Viewmont,” Tennis Player Danny Zlotnick said.

The team has experienced many new changes this season with eleven new players and a new assistant coach. Despite all of the obstacles they have had to overcome, they are continuing to have success and so far have an almost undefeated streak.

“The past few matches, we were undefeated until we played Viewmont, they took third in states last year, and they had two seniors on varsity so they’re still doing pretty well,” Hafen said.

With all of the changes that have taken place this season, the team is excited about their potential success. Like most sports teams, there is a lot of room to grow with a new group of athletes. Practice is the main focus of the team as they prepare for their events, and many of them spend more than ten hours every week practicing.

“I put in about two hours every day, except for Fridays and Saturdays,” Zlotnick said.

Tennis has been a part of most of the boys lives for as long as they can remember, and the time and effort that they put into tennis in order to have success is beyond comprehension for most people. In the end, the time that is put into practicing in past years pays off and they are hoping to see similar results this season.

“I’ve played Tennis my whole life. I can’t remember not playing,” Hafen said. “It used to be almost four and half hours a day, growing up, and that was a lot. In high school I probably play an hour and a half a day.”