Seniors Prepare for Importance of College Education

Seniors Prepare for Importance of College Education

Higher education opportunities exist in many different places. Some reside in the most conventional route of a college or university, but others can be found in technological school, trade school and endless other places around the world.

“A good education not only influences your mind but it sets you up for the rest of your life if you want to be successful,” senior Isaac Shaner said. “It can also help you help other people, that’s one of the big things. Your career choice can really help come from the college you go to.”

As students are pursuing their many different fields and interests there are also ways for them to get ahead of the game. They can take many different classes in high school that count for various types of college credit.

“Next year I’m going to go to the DATC and do the hair program,” senior Madi Vernon said. “You can do it senior year, it’s less money. But I decided I’d rather have fun senior year and not have to stress about it. You just have to apply, anyone can really get in, you just have to pay.”

Shaner pushed out of his academic comfort zone and was able to be accepted, and plans to attend Columbia University after a two year ecclesiastical venture. He participated in multiple AP and CE courses this year to aid in his acceptance.

“My Brother actually went there so I had the idea to go there from him,” Shaner said. “It’s a great school, provides a great education. It’s one of the most diverse colleges in America and it really sets you up for life.”

Through seizing opportunities and hard work, all high school students can reap the benefits of higher education. The effects felt by each student betters their  life, their future and the world.