New High School Increases Community Involvement

Bentley Holley

New High School Increases Community Involvement

Natalie Lott, News Reporter

A new high school is currently being built in Farmington; this school will open in the fall of 2018. Davis School District is starting to plan for this High School and wants the community to get involved. The District is organizing a boundary survey to be sent out as well as other opportunities for parents, teachers, and students to be heard.

“We do not know the new boundaries yet and they will be out to the public December 5th. That’s when the seven school board members will take a vote on that and decide,” a member of the Davis School Board, Julie Tanner, said.

Many don’t know the structure of the School District, which starts with the seven elected school board members and goes to Superintendent. This further explains why so much effort and planning goes into building a new high school. With the Board Members working for the people, their main concern is to get as much feedback as they can.

“At the very top of our organization chart are the citizens of Davis Country, so it’s their tax dollars and their children that are attending these schools. So they elect seven board members to represent them and then the board members, because we don’t do this for a living, we hire a Superintendent to carry out these things on a day to day basis. So, the Superintendent works for us and we work for the people of Davis County,” Tanner said.

Even though December seems far away, focus groups and surveys are being sent out to community members. The process began in April with research and surveys. May will take the process one step further in the development of boundaries. As results from a previous questionnaire came back, it showed the community’s main concern was keeping neighborhoods together. To help with making a rough sketch of the boundaries, various groups will be organized to give input.

“This month in May the community councils at each high school along with principals will be choosing people from their areas to form focus groups and these groups will be formed from areas they’re calling sensitive areas, where the boundaries could possible be,” Tanner said.

As the months pass and choices are made the school board hopes those with opinions feel encouraged to share. Open houses will be set up in late October for anyone interested to see the boundaries and give a final input. The exact days will be announced on the School District’s website.

“First of all, we as a school board we can’t promise we can give you what you want, but we can promise you that this will be a fair process and that your voice will be heard,” Tanner said.

For parents, teachers, and students to send input, contact any of the board members or email [email protected]