Students Prepare and Sell Spring Flowers

Bentley Holley


Brooke Christenson, Reporter

The Greenhouse class learns everything about the science of plants, and different details about planting them. They spend their class time doing hands on activities to practice and gain experience with planting.

“They learn about greenhouse management on a commercial basis, we grow greenhouse crops and various things that you would buy to plant in your garden at home,” Greenhouse teacher Mr. Spaulding said.

Students work on potting soil, transplanting, and watering these plants until they are fully grown. The greenhouse is full of several different types of plants that they have been working on through the semester.

“We’ve got all kinds of plants we growing right now Zenias, Petunias, lots of vegetables, Eggplants, Mexican Hats, all kinds of stuff,” senior Aaron Reid said.

The plants are all being sold to raise money for the program to buy more supplies to continue next year. The sale will be going for about three weeks starting May 1, and prices will vary.