Students Procrastinate Purchasing Prom Tickets

Chandler Seely

Students Procrastinate Purchasing Prom Tickets

Chandler Seely, Reporter

Procrastination: the act of delaying or postponing something. Whether it is chores or homework, students have all procrastinated on things they were supposed to do and no one does it better than teens. High schools students have been a major contributor to the procrastination scene by delaying assignments and duties to the last minute.

“Procrastination is who we are and i’m not any better because I’ve procrastinated many times in almost all my classes,” junior Jaden Smith said.

Procrastination causes stress and eustress. In some cases, this can be beneficial as the eustress can motivate people to get work done on time or work faster; however, a lot of this can lead to stress and the health risks involved.

“Teens will passionately defend their strategy of leaving things until the last minute, claiming that it makes them more productive and it’s the best time to get things done,” Dr. Maggie Wray said.