Years of Traditions Comes With Many Secrets

Tanner Livingston


Chandler Seely, Reporter

Every school has certain properties that only few know about and keep secret. Some may only be rumors; even so, they entertain the thought that every establishment hides little known secrets for others to find.

Davis High has relocated only 12 years ago, yet has already found hidden treasures students and teachers have found. Among underground tunnels and hidden writings is a secret found by the Madrigals while packing props in a storage area in a lesser used part of the school.

“In hallway with dark walls the bricks feel weird and you can write on them with your elbow,” junior Sarah Reid said.

Viewmont High has found more restricted paths, that of areas not permitted. Viewmont has had some remodeling, and in doing so has left scaffolding that leads to upper areas of the school.

“I know there is a ladder near the theatre room that um goes into a ceiling kinda area. You’re not allowed up there but since there are no cameras or people there no one can tell you not to,” junior Kylee Weesmane said. “I know of a certain person that uses it to get to their next class on time um because it is on the other side of the school”.

The school of Woods Cross High has a room that has no current purpose but is always unlocked and free for students to cross inside who know of its location. The Woods Cross High Percussion was informed this area while asking a custodial worker for an open quiet room to practice; separate from the band room

“Yeah it is pretty weird but it’s where the percussion kids like to hangout at lunch and practice during sectionals,” senior Miles Canut said.