QCK Promotes Untraditional Club Participation

Mason Hall


Brooke Christenson, Reporter

With school work, social life and family life, some students do not have much time to be involved with extracurricular activities. So, instead of participating in an organization that is time time consuming, they join clubs that give them something to be involved with while still having the time they need for their other needs.

“So we have ‘gentlemens brunches,’ basically we just get some QCK people and then go and have brunch somewhere like kneaders or whatever. And then we also have annual smash tournament, so that’s pretty lit, and then the larping every year,” QCK leader Alex Madsen said.

The Quiet Coyote Club (QCK) meets once in awhile for activities. This year, the annual larping event (Live Action Role Play) will be held on May 20. The club originated a few years ago as a joke between some friends, and was recently made an official club. They quickly gained many members.

“Technically there’s 800 members, but at davis high there’s about 150. we don’t get all 150 for sure at all the activities but like at our last larping we had probably about 80 people there, so we’ve got a lot of members,” QCK leader Ben Packer said.
For students who do not have much time to commit to a sport or other activities, the Quiet Coyote Club is a great one to join. For more information about joining QCK or attending this year’s larping event, visit Ben Packer or any of the clubs leaders.