Televisions Go Unused in the Commons Area

Anthony Coombs


Anthony Cooombs, Video Editor

Last year the school got a large TV in the main hallway. Many students at first were excited about the addition to the school hoping it would add to the school spirit.

These hopes have been dashed though, many students feeling that the TV has become unnecessary. Recently the TV has been black, suffering from technical issues, adding to this feeling.

“I enjoy them, I like looking at them when they are black and sometimes when there is pictures on them,” Senior Jack Niederhauser sarcastically said.

Many students don’t even look at the TVs and believe that it is not a very good addition to the school.

“I have never even looked at the TV. I don’t really see a point in having it…” Sophomore Avery Goodfellow said.

Mr. Kennaley, the teacher in charge of running the TV, says he thinks that students would find the TV more useful if they would contribute material to put on it. Once the technical issues have been resolved students can go to Kennaley’s room and offer pictures to put on it.