Robotics Club Uses Technology To Succeed

Spencer Hill


Brian Roueche, Reporter

Robots are actually a large part of daily life. From high school competitions, recreational hobbies, and even putting together cars and trucks, they weld things together and make sure things have the utmost precision.

“The robotics club is all about getting together with a bunch of people competing in a format we call VEX,” Caleb Stephens said.

VEX runs a world championship in which people can claim the title of world champion. To claim that title, people have to travel far distances and work very hard.

“World this year was held in louisville kentucky. it has been for the past couple of years,” Stephens said.

Building and planning a robot takes a long time. First programing and writing code, and then putting the electrical into the machine. It is never really done because improvements need to be done and maintenance is always required.

“The building process, kind of it’s never really complete, it takes about two to three weeks to get a main robot done, and then you’re spending the rest of your time tuning and tweaking to get it perfect.” Stephens said.

    Everything would be very different if we didn’t have robots. Robots have changed the way people do things in 2017. People have dedicated their lives to making sure that those robots can make the way we live easier.