Drumline Participates in More Than Just Assemblies


Bentley Holley

Jaxon Garlitz, Reporter

Often students do not acknowledge or appreciate the amazing clubs and organizations that make up the student body and contribute to school events. The music and background noise that is provided for each and every student without knowledge of the effort and hours that go into providing it, and most students simply acknowledge the drums in the background as a given that will accompany assemblies. The drumline puts a lot of hours into the preparation for performances. They are a bigger part of the school than they are perceived to be.

“I’ve been playing for about three years now,” Junior Alex Madsen said, “I feel like it’s something to get your energy out, to get out that frustration while you drum.”

One of the common misconceptions about drumline is that they only play at football games and assemblies. The team competes against other drumline teams on the weekends, playing eight minute drum melodies and rhythms that they rehearse the whole year in an effort to get better scores for quality and synchronization as compared to other teams.

“We will work for hours and hours on a certain set of music,” Madsen said.

The team is not just limited to playing at school events either. The drumline is often commissioned to play at athletic events for local colleges as well as the NCAA college basketball playoffs second round.

We play at Weber State Hockey games a lot, and that’s way fun” Madsen said.

The club is not all fun and games however, as the drum line works very hard to be in sync and to play well as a group. That kind of precision requires lots of practice and hard work, work that most people who aren’t dedicated drummers aren’t willing to give.

“It is a lot of hard work and dedication, you’ve got to make sure that you can handle this,” said Madsen

It takes a keen eye to acknowledge the hard work that drumline puts into performing for the school. And the drumline puts in too much work for us to turn a blind eye to.