Senior Trips Offer a Well Deserved Break

Spencer Hill


Leilani Gastelum, Broadcast Producer

Senior trips have become a tradition among high school seniors. Whether it is spent with friends or family it is a memorable experience that introduces teenagers into their adult years. They are experiences that some seniors have been looking forward to since the beginning of the of high school.


“I’m just excited to go travel because I love to travel and it’s a lot of fun,” senior Drew Plavchak said.


Senior trips vary from person to person. Trips could range from spending a weekend to Bear Lake to leaving the country for a trip in Thailand. Every trip is unique for each senior and can depend on budget and resources that each student has.


“A senior class trip is a great time in the life of a senior. It’s time to celebrate the end of one journey and the beginning of another,” writer of A Few Tips For Planning Your Senior Trip Adrian Adams said.


Many seniors stress in planning a perfect trip for themselves. There are many different factors that go into planning a senior trip, but it doesn’t mean that they are unreachable or “too hard.”


“If you’re worried about finding a good deal on [a] trip, you shouldn’t have to look far…there are numerous travel agencies…[that] can offer you multiple discounts that will allow you to find what you need,” Adams said.


There are a lot of different websites that can be visited to gather important and helpful information for planning a specific senior trip such as Pinterest, Google and thousands of others.