Spyhop Offers Help for Students in Digital Media

Spyhop Offers Help for Students in Digital Media

“Since 1999, Spy Hop has mentored Utah’s young people in the digital media arts as a vehicle for free expression, self-discovery, critical thinking and skilled participation” About Spy Hop & Our Mission, the Spy Hop community said.


Student Mckenzie Smith has taken advantage of the opportunity of attending Spy Hop this past year. Smith shares her experience with Spy Hop and how it has helped her grow and has helped her find her interest in the digital media arts.


“I started coming to Spy Hop because my friend and I had written a song and my other friend had told me that we could record for free at Spy Hop. It’s just a student run open mic program and we came and recorded a song and we thought it was the coolest thing ever so I applied for an apprenticeship here so I get to record other people that come on Fridays, and I get to learn about recording music in a studio and it’s just a lot of fun!” Junior Mckenzie Smith, said.


Spy Hop is recognized by the White house as a leading nonprofit arts and humanities organization. Spy Hop has been a great way for Smith to be able to expand her love for music, and has also allowed her to surround herself with others who have the same interests as her.


“My favorite thing about Spy Hop is being able to come somewhere and meet people that I relate to, and that have the same interest in creating music and films as I do” Smith said.


Spy Hop has not only helped Smith grow as a person but has also helped her decide what her future plans and goals are.


“Spy Hop has helped me realize that I want to do creative things when I get older. It’s also helped me realized how much of a possibility it is, it’s not some kind of dream that you can’t get. You can come to Spy Hop and learn about all these things, and just get all the experience you need” Smith, said.