Utah: A State Worthy of Patriotism

Dallin Hawkins


Dallin Hawkins, Student Life Specialist

It is common for citizens in the United States to proclaim their love for and devotion to America. For centuries the common ground of loving this land has bound us together and gotten us through tough times of war and economic hardship. One fine line that is overlooked, however, is actually found all over the maps of America. State lines seem to have become thinner and thinner over the course of this nation’s history. Though it is in our title to be states (separate government powers) united together, it would be much more common for a citizen in this land of many states to refer to themselves as “Americans” versus “Ohioans” or even “Utahns.” With that being said, there is good reason to express patriotism towards the state of Utah and to be proud to call oneself a Utahn.


“We as a state are very successful because we have not forgotten the principles of patriotism,” Utah Governor Gary Herbert said.


Those principles are laid out clearly and can be followed by all citizens in the state of Utah. It is even the duty of citizens to do what they can to display patriotism on the state level.


“Well patriotism itself means a love of country,” Herbert said. “A desire to serve your country, to have allegiance, and to do what you can to improve the community which really is the citizens, your neighbors.”


Each state has done well to maintain their unity and uphold the United States constitution. This especially applies in Utah as it has carefully considered the principles of such constitution in each decision it has made on a state level.


“We have not forgotten the principles that have made this country great,” Herbert said. “Economic free market, capitalism, is alive and well. The idea of making sure everyone has the opportunity to succeed, to get a good education, to have a job, to raise a family, and create peace and prosperity. Those liberties and freedoms we too often take for granted are alive and well in Utah.”


With the rise of Utah’s economy and quality of living the issue has been brought up that Utah may not want more people moving here. Others feel that a rise in population would be beneficial to this state.


“Obviously we like to keep our great place a secret so that we don’t have too many people taking over,” Channel Four News anchor and Davis High alumni Emily Clark said. “But as a whole the more people that are in Utah, the more people that are able to call themselves Utahns, the better we will be financially and economically as a state.”