Star Wars Trailer Excites Fans For Upcoming Movie

Bentley Holley


Jaxon Garlitz, Reporter

The Star Wars franchise has evolved to become one of the most beloved franchises in the entire world. It has released eight movies and encompasses multiple TV shows, as well as many video games. The world has consumed George Lucas’s creation in record numbers. With the release of Star Wars seven, records were shattered and a new chapter in the saga began.

The worldwide premiere of the Star Wars the Last Jedi teaser trailer has brought the community of fans and fanatics out of the woodworks, and the fandom that once enveloped the childhoods of adults has now brought a new chapter to their kids. The adventure mixes old stars like Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher with Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac in a mixing of the two franchises.

The trailer appears to have enveloped students of the school as well, as many have become enthralled after seeing the bits and pieces revealed in the trailer. The slivers are fast and often confusing, but the students are just grateful to be getting the next chapter in the saga.

“Well I was on the star wars app looking through the news feed and I saw it pop up, and I was so excited, I was like Holy Crap it’s here,”  junior Caden Karras said.

The social media presence of Disney and Lucasfilms has increased the reach of Star Wars exponentially, and it is evidenced in the teaser images they released to hype up fans for the trailers.

“My friends and I knew it was coming, so when it finally came out we were so happy to see a new edition of the story of Star wars,” Junior Austin West said.

Students were also very excited about the potential storylines that could be traced in the new movie, and the potential new characters we might meet.

“I am so excited to see what they introduce to the story, because I didn’t love Poe as much, so I want some new characters,” Junior Jared Foote said.

Hopefully the movie lives up to the hype provided by the teaser trailer, since it has taken the world by storm. They have their work cut out for them as they work to create a movie that can rival the impact of its predecessors.